"GRACE"  2005
bronze L.E. 35  
cutting horse with female
rider. Very detailed piece,
and the postion of the
horse and rider is ''right''
for the action portrayed.
"ROSIE" L.E. 35
2010 bronze~
base is sculpted in the
pattern of tooled leather.
 Check out the pictures
of the real Rosie, as you
can see, she is a
character worthy of
immortalizing in bronze.
She herself, is a limited
edition of 1.
Sculpted bronze business card holders. Cool options can happen here, such as personalizing
it with initials or a brand. Also it can be cast with the 3 antelope on the front, or without so it is
simply a classic antelope horn.
"EIGHT MORE SECONDS" L.E. 35  2006 bronze
depicting a 4 year old ''bronc buster'', fresh out of the
bathtub, begging for a little more time before bed.