"SERENGETTI"  1998 carved elephant tusk. This tusk was acquired
in 1927. There is
nothing black market about this project. This carving
was a 3 month project. The design is absolutely my own~I wanted the
animals to be ''doing something'', as opposed to just being randomly
carved on the tusk, therefore I carved the waterhole in the center, with
the animals coming into it from both directions.
If you look at
the lion cub
with it's tail
facing you,
you will
notice his
down on the
other side of
the branch
swatting his
mother. Just
being a
playful cub!
Notice the
giraffes legs
This elephants trunk is
actually carved right into
her open mouth
lions carved tongue lapping the water
I love carving elk
ivories~they are indeed
ivory as in the
molecular structure is
the same horizontally,
vertically & diagonally,
so there is no grain,
meaning you can get the
finest detail in carving!
This piece is a
collaboration with an artist
in Colorado. I finished the
carving, put it into his
capable hands and simply
said ''do what you feel like
you want to do.'' And this
was his end result with his
silver addition. Just perfect!
I will be doing more
collaborations such as this
piece this summer with a
local jeweler.
Carved mastadon
ivory pendant.